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Need user research? Come on in! We can help!

  • Designer who believes that technology should be used to solve problems and serve as a catalyst for a positive change.
  • Creator of responsive, clean, interactive and optimally functional Web sites, applications, dashboards and data portals.
  • Design thinking practitioner and believer.
  • Graduate of a master's program in applied IT, and a bachelor's program in journalism.
  • Early adapter of any technology that will make my work better.

Design Thinking

a user is looking at the landing page for YMCA free programs

YMCA free programs

You can see my work on this project - from the user research phase up until the first prototype. I had to focus my attention on another project, until the YMCA fulfills their part of the bargain.

a user is having coffee while looking at Health Harmony Ltd on a tablet and a smart phone

Health Harmony Ltd

This mobile app was developed for patients with accute and chronic health conditions. Patients use the application to record their vitals, while doctors use it to monitor their patients.

This was our attempt to re-design the app, so it can fit the needs of our special clients.

Our clients wanted to limit the number of ER and hospital visits, and improve health outcomes for their patients.

ChildSafe is represented on a smart phone that is placed on a notebook with wooden table underneath


This responsive Web application was developed for child care emergency plans and designed for three types of users: kindergarten workers, emergency management, and state administrators.

Besides helping users accomplish their goals, I had to take into account that each group performs its work under occupation related stress.

All of them experienced frustration when dealing with IT solutions and professionals.


User Research, Design Strategy

Wireframing & Prototyping

Browser Prototyping

Graphics & Illustrations

User Testing


Adobe XD

Bootstrap (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Various Online Testing Tools

User research

Heuristic Evaluation


Group Interviews

Ethnographic Field Study

Contextual Task Analysis

User testing


5-second Usability Testing

Moderated Usability Testing

Unmoderated Usability Testing

Guerrilla Testing


M.S. in IT

Bellarmine University (2009)

B.A. in Journalism

Indiana University SE (2004)

A.A. in Social Sci.

Jefferson Community College (2003)

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Web Sites





a woman shopper in high heels is adding items to the car on an ecommerce site

Tanja Medic June 23, 2019

E-COMMERCE WEB SITES: What do users expect?

Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know. Design for patterns already learned by users. Period.

Jakob's Law

Expectations of users changed

Over the years, users have acquired a new type of behavior when it comes to online shopping and have developed higher expectations of their experience on e-commerce sites, Nielsen Norman concluded with their research. They expect: convenience, speed, assurance, accuracy, options and seamless experience.