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Design Thinking

a female user is looking at YMCA landing page on a laptop

YMCA free programs

I'm trying to wrap my head around a new project - fundraising for free programs at the YMCA Southeast: Livestrong and Safety around Water.

I still have to continue with my user research for the entire project, but my design strategy for the landing page is set. I know who my main users are, and how I want them to feel about the landing page. I tested some of my layout ideas with quick sketching. I'm also done with the wireframing stage. Now, I just need to test my prototypes. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until the fundraising stops and after we agree about the new donation form.

the Health Harmony Ltd app is open on a phone that is laying on the table

Health Harmony Ltd

This mobile app was developed for patients with accute and chronic health conditions. Patients use the application to record their vitals, while doctors use it to monitor their patients.

This was our attempt to re-design the app, so it can fit the needs of our special clients.

Our clients wanted to limit the number of ER and hospital visits, and improve health outcomes for their patients.

The ChildSafe application is open on a mobile phone.


This responsive Web application was developed for child care emergency plans and designed for three types of users: kindergarten workers, emergency management, and state administrators.

Besides helping users accomplish their goals, I had to take into account that each group performs its work under occupation related stress.

All of them experienced frustration when dealing with IT solutions and professionals.